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Food Ministry
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Sunday Morning Fellowship: This ministry serves coffee and donuts during the fellowship hour (10:10 a.m. to 10:40 a.m.) each Sunday morning.


Dinner on Wednesday Night for Jr. High & grade school children: Volunteers assist with food preparation, serving, set-up and cleanup for the dinner each Wednesday.


Funeral Dinners: Individuals provide salad or cake to be served at funeral dinners; other volunteers are needed to help with cooking the dinner, setting up the tables, and cleaning up afterwards.


Robinson Middle School Faculty Breakfast: At the beginning of each school year, CPCC provides a thank you breakfast to the hard-working staff of Robinson Middle School. We welcome volunteers to assist in food prep, serving and cleanup. Volunteers purchase and set up the table decorations, generally consisting of school supplies that the teachers can take at the end of the meal.


Christmas Celebration Dinner: This celebration dinner is held at Robinson Middle School each December. The evening includes a meal, fellowship and entertainment.


Meal Assistance: Meals are provided to those who have been hospitalized, seriously ill or have experience the birth of a new baby. Volunteers are called upon during the year to provide a simple meal for these families.